Body shape, Industry, Dialects – Big Differences between Northern and Southern China Part 2

Last time, we talked about differences in climate, diet, and personality between Northern and Southern China. Apparently, there are more. In this article, you will definitely find some other interesting differences.

  1. Body Shape

Different body shapes are mainly caused by different environment and diets. People living in the north and usually having noodles are much stronger and taller than ones who lives in the south and have rice as their staple.

  1. Industry Distribution

In the north heavy industry plays a more important role, while in the south it is light industry. This could explain why Northern China has more serious air pollution, compared to Southern China. In addition, there are more state-owned companies in the north as it is more active in political activities. However, the south always keeps the leading position in economic and cultural development.

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  1. Dialect

Even though there are some dialects in the north, there is not much difference among them, so communication for people who all live in Northern China is not a hard thing. But things are quite opposite in the south. For example, as I know, in Guangdong Province, there are three main dialects which share no similarity at all. Nonetheless, since the government dedicates a lot of efforts into popularizing Mandarin, now most Chinese speak fluent Mandarin.

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Here are some main differences inside China. They could be some tips for you to tell where a Chinese person comes from.



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