Bornholm – the Island of Sunshine in The Baltic Sea

To many foreigners who have never travelled to Denmark, the country is just a continuation of Germany and not much more. But I can assure you, Denmark is a bit more than that. In the middle of the country you find the island Funen and between Funen and Sweden is Zealand where the capital, Copenhagen is. Even the Danes themselves often forget that these three islands and the tiny islands around them actually are not all they have. Far, far away in The Baltic Sea there is another little Danish island called “Bornholm”. In colloquial language it is often referred to as “Island of Sunshine” or “Pearl of The Baltic Sea”.

This island has earned these bynames for a reason – Bornholm is very different from the rest of Denmark and is always worth a visit. You will now get a very short description of some “must-sees” on the island.
Bornholm is very well known for its four round churches. These whitewashed churches were built around 1100-1200 and are very beautiful (

The old ruin “Hammershus” (in the picture) has during history been used as asylum, as a fortress and as a residence for archbishops. From 1526 the fortress was in foreign hands until it in 1658 was given back to the Danish king and again was Denmark’s property. Hammershus was occupied until 1743 – whereupon it was used as a stone quarry. The building dilapidated and was in 1822 scheduled as a monument
The landscape itself is very unique and beautiful. Along the coastlines you’ll find stretches of sandy beaches, visit e.g. Dueodde on the southern point of the island, where you can go swimming in the summertime. Other parts of the island have a more rough nature. These areas have no beaches; the salty waves beat directly into rocks. This sight is particularly beautiful by Jon’s Kapel.

If you go to the “Island of Sunshine” you should consider visiting one of the small smokehouses where you’ll be able to buy fresh smoked fish from The Baltic Sea – especially the smoked herrings are popular.

Enjoy this beautiful island!


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