Brazil step by step – Part 1

Every child knows the fact that Brazil is a huge country of unparalleled colorful diversity. The facts are amazing and they can even give the approximate size of what is hidden in this single country, but they don’t reveal the color and variety that hides behind numbers. For these and many other reasons, we will begin to show Brazil here bit-by-bit (and it must be said here that “bit” in this case is just an expression, since we are talking about thousands of kilometers), throughout its 26 states. In this way we intend to draw a picture of this immense multiple country and encourage you, our dear reader, to further explore the fascinations of this almost-continent called Brazil.

Rio Grande do Sul

The extreme south of Brazil is unknown to most foreigners, who normally think of Brazil as samba, heat, mulattas and carnival. Stereotypes in relation to every country are inevitable but dangerous. And when it comes to a nation of which the estimated population is around 191,796,000, then the chance of a stereotype not matching reality is even greater.

The south is the region with the highest Human Development Index of Brazil. Rio Grande do Sul has a common border with Uruguay and Argentina, which makes this state a strategic Mercosur point for Brazil. It stands out nationally by its strong economy, cold climate and the European influence, which is at the root of 90% of the state’s population. Similarities between Rio Grande do Sul and Europe are also a little bit in the weather: in Rio Grande do Sul there are four well defined seasons and winter temperatures sometimes reach 0 Degrees Celsius; it can even snow – something very rare though.

The “gauchos” like to cultivate Pampas* traditions – like drinking mate (also called chimarrão) and have barbecues. They are known in Brazil as serious and proud people, but at the same time friendly, beautiful and welcoming.
*region’s border with Uruguay and Argentina

Get to know Rio Grande do Sul

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  1. Very good idea! And I am glad you started by presenting Rio Grande do Sul, mine (and Bibiana’s I suppose) dear state 🙂
    Looking forward to reading about the other states, given that, even as a Brazilian, I know very little about our huge&amazing country.

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