Brazil step by step – Part 2 : Roraima

How about a little contrast? From Southern Brazil we move to the extreme North; more exactly Roraima, delimiting the border between Brazil and the Cooperative Republic of Guyana and Venezuela. Between its wild nature, we will find the Caburaí Mount, the 1,465 meters high most northern point of this giant country named “Brazil”.

In opposite to Rio Grande do Sul, a mainly urban state, Roraima has of 72% its total area (224,298.98 km2 ) covered by tropical forest and richly irrigated by 14 rivers, which partly explains the low density of 1,88 inhabitants per square kilometer, according to IBGE data.

The largest of the 15 cities of the state is the capital Boa Vista, with around 267 000 inhabitants. The majority of the population consists of Mestizos and Amerindians. The Mestizo’s Day is an official state’s holiday.

Unknown by most of the Brazilians, Roraima has a great tourism potential, especially ecotourism. The Pedra Pintada is famous for its ancient inscriptions of civilizations and contains the most important Archaeological Science Camp of Roraima, attracting the curiosity of tourists and archaeologists from all over the world. The “Mount Roraima”, the second highest point in Brazil, impresses visitors due to its striking shapes carved into the rocks by the wind, creating a magic and mysterious atmosphere. According to Indian legend, “Mount Roraima” is the birthplace of “Makunaima”, a brave warrior Amerindian. The triple border between Brazil – Guyana – Venezuela fascinates tourist with its majestic and imposing rock formation amid Amazonian savannas.

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