Brazil step by step – Part 3: Santa Catarina

Each year approaching the Christmas period, one silent invasion begins to take to the beaches of Santa Catarina. It´s the so called hermanos: Argentineans who crossed the border to enjoy some of the most beautiful Brazilian landscapes. Their preferences are mainly Florianópolis (the capital) and the Camboriú seaside. Even with a drop of 30% and 40% in the number of tourists that visited the state in relation to 2009 (thanks to the peso devaluation), people who perambulated through the capital in January 2010 had the feeling of walking in Buenos Aires.

With an area slightly larger than Hungary, Santa Catarina is one of the major destinations for foreign tourists and also Brazilians. The state attracts people not only because of its natural beauty but also on account of its diversity. Unforgettable beautiful beaches on the coast are not so far away from the “European Valley”. Confused? There is one explanation: in historical terms, the colonization of the state was largely carried out by European immigrants (Portuguese, Germans and Italians). As a result, there are cities like Blumenau, which are nationally known for their typical German buildings and festivities (Blumenau hosts the biggest Oktoberfest outside Germany).

The data from the Human Development Index are among the best in the country. Besides, Santa Catarina is the seventh richest state in Brazil, with a diversified economy – especially as the main national producer of processed foods, ceramics and textiles. With a population of approximately 6 million inhabitants, its per capita income is well above the Brazilian average.
A mixture of Brazil and Europe awaits you in Santa Catarina. Welcome!


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