Brazil, the country of…volleyball!

The sport fanatics around the world certainly associate Brazil with football, for so many awarded players and championships. Yes, the Brazilian football has many merits and it is still largely responsible for assembling crowds in stadiums and uniting the country to follow this national passion. However, two other teams have brought many achievements and reasons for the Brazilians to be proud of them: the Women’s and Men’s National Volleyball Teams.

Formed in 1951, the Brazilian National Women’s Volleyball Team made its debut in the South American Championship taking the gold medal. Despite several victories in the 50s and 60s, it was in 1994, when Bernardinho was named the new coach, that the team began to gain great international prominence. When the coach left the team for the men’s team there was a period without major titles for the women, which ended in 2003 when the coach José Roberto Guimarães took over the team. Considered the team with most titles in Grand Prix, the Brazilian great performance in 2012 brought the second Olympic gold in 2012.

The debut of the Brazilian National Men’s Volleyball Team in international championships was in 1951 and in the 80s it started to deliver results. Before becoming hegemonic in the early 2000s, the men won two gold medals at the Barcelona Olympics and at the Athens Olympics. The year of 2010 was certainly remarkable for the men’s team, with the conquest of the third victory in the world championship and the ninth victory in the World League, positioning it as the best team in the tournament history. Bernardinho, who took over the men’s team in 2001, is considered largely responsible for the virtually unbeatable team.

The men’s team, which has the two audience records worldwide in the history of volleyball, both in Brazil, will change with the possible departure of the coach that positioned the Brazilian National Men’s Volleyball Team as the best one in the ranking of the International Federation of Volleyball. The women’s team will seek its third gold medal in the Olympics playing at home in 2016. And we are really proud of it! 🙂

What is the most traditional sport in your country?


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