Brazilian cuisine

I have been living in Hamburg for more than a month and I have been eating out almost every day. I was really surprised because there are many restaurants with Mexican, Chinese, Turkish and Indian food. What about the Brazilian cuisine?

Then I decided to talk about Brazilian food which is a mixture of spices and ingredients brought into Brazil by different cultures. Besides that I would say that each region of Brazil has its own style of cuisine and most of them received some influence by immigrants and indigenous people.

If you intend to live in another country it’s always a good idea to learn about the typical dishes and eating habits. First of all, I would recommend trying the famous pão de queijo (cheese bread) which is a small and soft bread made of manioc flour, eggs, milk, and minas cheese. Normally it’s the best option for a breakfast.

Another traditional dish in Brazil is Feijoada which is black bean stew with rice and pork meat. But you can see more details about this dish in this article.

On the other hand there is another famous dish from my hometown called “Chica Doida”. This one is famous specifically in Goiás and it’s made of corn, sausage, scarlet eggplant, cheese and pepper. After the creation of this traditional recipe every year there is a Gastronomic Festival and during this event people normally present innovations such as adding shrimp, coconut milk or other ingredients. However, the traditional base of corn, sausage, pepper and cheese is the most requested.

The last dish I would like to mention from Goiás is called “Pequi” and it´s most common to be found in Brazil’s center-west. This fruit can be cooked with rice, chicken, pasta, fish or meat and has a unique strong flavor.

If you plan to take a trip to Brazil in this case to Goiânia -Goiás you should know about it and you can also see how to cook the dishes here:


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