Brazilian participation in Berlinale

Only three Brazilian films are taking part in the 2011 Berlin Film Festival, the Berlinale. None of them, however, participates in the competition, in which major international films are shown, they are shown in the secondary sections. “Elite Squad 2” (Tropa de Elite 2) will be part of Panorama, a section that emphasizes independent and art-house films. “Sunny” (Ensolarado) will be shown in the special section for children and youths, called Generation. The third one, “Residents” (Os Residentes) was selected for Berlinale’s most experimental section, Forum.

Elite Squad 2: The Enemy within Tropa de Elite 2: o inimigo agora é outro. Brazil, 2010, 116 min. Portuguese)
The premiere of Padilha’s film achieved the largest public in the history of Brazilian cinema (1.25 million viewers in two days), Elite Squad 2 is a continuation of the previous feature film, awarded with the Silver Bear at 2007 Berlin Film Festival. The film shows its protagonist, the policeman of BOPE (the Special Police Operations Battalion of the Rio de Janeiro Military Police) Captain Nascimento, fighting new enemies: militia acting in Rio’s favelas and corrupting politicians. Again there are questions about the role of government, poverty and violence in Rio de Janeiro and in Brazil as well.

Ensolarado (Ensolarado. Brazil, 2010, 14 min. Portuguese)
Produced by Banana Films, “Sunny” tells the story of Lena (a lonely girl who suffers from an allergy to the sun), and the life-changing decision of her family. According to the synopsis: “A family faces the extraordinary and simple human gesture of saying goodbye, under the blistering sun.” The film has already been shown in some Brazilian Film Festivals and in the Locarno Festival in Switzerland.

The Residents (Os Residentes. Brazil, 2010, 120 min, Portuguese)
The experimental film was awarded at the Festival de Brasília 2010 in four categories and offers a different view, described by many critics as “aesthetically daring.” The plot is set in an abandoned house, where the characters end up forming a “temporary autonomous zone.” The lack of linear narrative is one of the reasons responsible for the controversial opinions about the film, sometimes described as “brilliant provocative” and now and then as “confusing.”


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