Brazilians: We are NOT just bean eaters!

Feijoada is one of the most famous Brazilian dishes and it is made of the popular beans (feijão). Although it is usually present in a Brazilian daily meal, Brazil does not only have feijoada – thank God!

So if you, like me, are not a big fan of beans, you can now relax. Since you have already read the article about this dish, I will now present some of the most popular delicacies in Brazil that all foreigners should try when visiting the country. Not all of them have their origin in Brazil, but in such a diverse country we couldn’t expect for things to be different regarding food.


It’s made out of the cassava or tapioca mass. It can be sweet or salty. I particularly like the salty and tender, served with butter, cheese and ham.


There is the corn couscous (salty) and the rice one (sweet). Again, I recommend the salty, also better with butter and cheese.


The main ingredients are cassava flour and maize flour. You can add to it: corn, meat, egg, pepper, bacon etc. Farofa is a must in barbecues.


One of the best in Brazil! And almost all (if not all) foreigners I have met who tried the Brazilian BBQ would agree. The best meat is the sirloin and the rump. Whenever there’s barbecue we usually have garlic bread, rice, cheese, farofa and vinaigrette.

Maria Isabel Rice

It’s quite simple but very tasty. Rice mixed with meat, sometimes also with corn.


One of the most popular sweets in Brazil. It’s part of every birthday party and the food most awaited by guests – after the cake, of course. It is basically made of condensed milk and chocolate – usually butter is also added, but in my opinion it is unnecessary. There are other sweets that are delicious as well, for example: beijinho and cajuzinho.


It is as good in flavor as it is in caloric content, and often found in bakeries, birthday parties and school canteens. Coxinha is a Brazilian snack which is usually made of wheat flour, cream cheese and shredded chicken.


It is a snack or fast food, made of flour dough (yes, we use flour quite a lot). It can be stuffed with shrimp, cheese, chicken and so on. It is often accompanied by sugar cane juice but a very cold soda would be also good.


It’s a candy made of peanuts and sugar. I don´t really like it, but it’s quite popular among foreigners. Go for it!


Guarana is a typical soda from Brazil, consisting of the fruit with the same name.

How about you, what are the most delicious dishes from your country? Share them with us!


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