Caffeine Addicts Gone Crazy

Yesterday morning, the unthinkable happened. Not only was it a Monday morning which alone is very hard to digest, not only was it snowing which is very inconsiderate from the weather since it’s almost spring, but we also ran out of coffee. It hit us harder than we thought, probably harder than any snowstorm would. We were trying to avoid looking at each other, leave alone talking. The office fell into grieving silence.

You see, coffee is so important to us that I have decided to dedicate a whole article to it. It is a part of our culture after all. Coffee was more than once referred to as a social glue or social lubricant. Starbucks now has coffeehouses in more than 50 countries all around the world.

What makes coffee that popular then?
Here’s a list of a few reasons:

Caffeine. Naturally. Students need a lot of it in order to pass their exams, businessmen (and businesswomen) need to stay awake. Which leads us to the next point.

Drinking coffee is something adults do. Uni students, managers, teachers, you name it. All the cool adult people drink coffee. It’s a socially accepted drug.

It’s nice to drink something hot. Hot drinks provide us with a feeling of comfort. And having a chicken soup in a morning work meeting would look at least suspicious.

Everybody drinks it. It’s not a good reason, I agree. But the peer pressure is very hard when it comes to coffee. How many times have you said “Let’s meet for coffee sometime” without actually thinking about it? Would you say “We should go for a glass of orange juice” instead?

It’s a treat. With milk foam and sweet flavor, it’s no longer just a cup of coffee. It’s a fancy treat.

How to say coffee in different languages
Czech: káva
Danish: kaffe
French: café
Indonesian: kopi
German: Kaffee
Dutch: koffie
Polish: kawa
Portugese: café

Here’s a little infographic on coffee consumption around the world:

I was really surprised to see that the Czech republic is not even in the first 10 places. I guess we’ll have to settle just for the highest beer consumption in the world.

Are you wondering how it went in the office? Very well actually, the guys bought some coffee when they went to buy lunch thus saving all the caffeine addicts from killing themselves or somebody else. We’ll forever be grateful.

I want to ask you something as well. Do you have any useful tips how to overcome caffeine deprivation? Share them with us!
And if you want to know how to say coffee in other languages, check it out in our dictionaries!

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