Can we learn how to travel?

The sun shining out there and the trees, now full of green leaves, remind us that summer is no more a far mirage, but quite a near destination. How many of you started planning holidays yet? Maybe not everybody, but at least some of you have probably already asked yourselves where to go and what to do this summer.

Especially in stressful periods, it is quite common to hear something like:  “I need a trip, somewhere away from here”. But when we think about traveling, what do we mean: a proper travel which is a kind of emotional experience, or just being tourists?

I believe we can agree on the fact that a week spent in a vacation village on the Red Sea, sunbathing near the swimming pool with a cocktail in our hands, is something different from the total experience of someone who decides to retrace the Silk Road, living many adventures and getting in touch with the locals.

The vacation village is something for everybody – better: for all the people who can afford it.

But what about the real travel? The one we could call “The Travel” once we get back home? It looks like traveling is some kind of art, just like the one you can find in musicians, or painters. If you agree with this, the spontaneous question will be: can we learn how to travel?

In Italy there is a proper school which tries to answer this question: its name is Scuola del Viaggio (Travel School). It is a non-profit organization offering classes about photography, travel writing and travel painting, in order to learn how to live – and report – your trips in a different, more conscious way.

And to you, what does traveling mean?



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