Chenglish? Enginese!

A recent post on Jandan mentioned a note made by an American student who is learning Chinese:

Dear Tim
shall by too dull doll by too jack won
dolphin long can Jim shall by too low
shall by too when dull low, doll car low
dolphin long doll Ham Eason
“more power!”

Confused? It’s actually just some Chinese texts can be pronounced as:

dì èr tiān
xiǎo bái tù dào dà bái tù jiā qù wán
dà huī láng kàn jiàn xiǎo bái tù le
xiǎo bái tù wén dào le, duǒ kāi le
dà huī láng dà hǎn yì shēng
“mò pǎo!”

Chinese native speakers may laughed their heads off by this funny note. It’s a long time that Chinese people’s English speaking—Chenglish—being laughed at by those English speakers. Lexiophiles has actually made a list of “Top 30 Translation Failures” which incldued lots of “Chenglish” as well. Now, finally it’s time to laugh at those English speakers’ “Enginese”. Here comes an self-descripation made by the same American student:


which he actually want to express:

My name is David. At college, my major is Psychology and my minor is Chinese. I like to play Irish music on the flute and concertina I liking hanging out with friends, and playing sports like ping pong, tennis, and badminton.

But those bold words may make Chinese people shocked:

性波(sex wave)! 旧老师(old-fashioned teacher)干音乐 (fuck music)拼乒球 (@#$^)打运动(beat sport)


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