Christmas Abroad – Spice up your Christmas with some Mexican traditions!

Make some traditional Mexican ponche and keep it boiling on the stove: During December, Mexican homes and local markets are filled with the smell of sweet, fruit-based brews. The selection is endless. However, nothing awakes the Christmas spirit faster than the ever-classic ponche de tejocotes (punch made with Mexican hawthorn). Grab yourself a cup and don’t forget to add stick of sugarcane to give it the final touch!

Decorate your home with Poinsettia plants. Did you know that this plant is indigenous to Mexico and Central America? Place a few of them around your house to give your home an extra special Christmassy feel.

Build a piñata with family and friends: Although piñatas are often seen in birthday celebrations today, they were primarily a key part of Christmas traditions. So gather ‘round the living room to build a piñata with your loved ones! Your traditional piñata should be round with 7 spikes to represent the 7 deadly sins of Christianity. Here is a short video with some basic instructions:

Activate English subtitles by clicking the subtitle button next to the little clock

Host a posada get-together: Posadas represent Mary and Joseph’s search for housing before the birth of their son and are celebrated over a period of 9 days before Christmas. All you need are a few small candles and a couple of copies of the posada litany. Here’s a video with the litany:


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