Christmas fortune-telling in Russia

For centuries people have been trying to look into the future and to learn what the fortune has prepared for them. In Russia, people do it during Christmastide (in Russian it is called “Svyatki”). The best day for fortune-telling, when the influence of dark forces is the strongest and the chances to get the trustworthy predictions are the highest, is the Christmas evening on 6th of January.  But don’t get sad if you couldn’t find time to read the fortune on Christmas evening! You still have time to do it as evil spirits stay on the earth to perform their evil deeds until 19th of January. We will tell you how to contact them and to see your future.

It is very important to find a right place to read the fortune. It is not a religious ceremony so the place should be considered “evil” and “dirty”. In old times it was a bath-house as the evil spirits were hiding there from people. An old abandoned house is also a good choice. If you are brave enough, go to a cemetery or to a crossroad, where you can meet the devil itself. Or simply hide all the icons and religious images, turn off the lights, apply a match to candles and read your fortune at home. Not as scary and exciting as the cemetery but at least warm.

Now it is time to choose methods for the fortune-telling. We will tell you some you can use.

The most popular one. Coffee reading.

EnRu_Christmas fortune-telling in Russia_intext1

Forget about the coffee machine! To see the future you need coffee sediments. Any method of coffee brewing is suitable if it leaves grounds sitting at the bottom of the cup. When you finish to drink your coffee just turn the cup with sediments on a saucer upside down and wait for a while. Turn it back and try to read the symbols written with coffee on the surface of the cup. Simply? Yes! Effective? For sure!

The most dangerous and scary one. With mirrors (for girls to see their future husband).

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The best time is midnight. You have to be completely alone at home. Turn off the lights, take a candle and place it in a way that it lights the entire room. Start to look in the mirror. Soon your future husband will appear in the image. As soon as you see him, quickly say “Absit omen” (“Chur menya” in Russian). If you don’t do so, then… Nobody knows what will happen as many girls disappeared after the Christmas fortune-telling with a mirror…



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