Clothes-shopping: USA vs. Germany, Austria and Switzerland

“What is your clothing size?“ – most of the time the answer is a little embarrassed “eeehm“. Not just because you are ashamed of your actual clothing size, more because you really don’t have a clue especially when you go shopping in foreign countries. This article will bring light into the darkness and compares US-American clothes sizes with the ones from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The clothing sizes of Germany, Austria and Switzerland all belong to the general European sizes. But be careful: when I say “European” I don’t mean the whole of Europe. Italy, France and Great Britain have different measuring systems so in this case „European” means each European country except those three. So let’s get started with the sizes for women!

Also for the gentlemen’s clothe sizes we have huge differences between US-American and European sizes. Here is the comparison.

Let’s not forget the little ones. To have a relaxed and non-stressful shopping day, you can see the different shoe-, top- and Jeans-sizes for children.

Just in case you are not sure about a size or you don’t have it in mind anymore – just ask a sales assistant. Most of the time they have a size table at the cash desk. Enjoy your shopping day!

P.S.: Shopping-soundtrack anyone? 😉


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