Clothes sizes in Spain and Latin America

Before going to the fitting room, be aware of your size, this is always important unless you want to try on four or five times. However, how to know which is the correct size according to the country you are in?

In Europe there is a standard, which regulates the criteria of clothing size. The BS EN 13402-3 unifies all the different sizes in each country and creates a standard size for this continent. Nonetheless designers and businesspeople ignore it, because they want to be different, which makes their creations inconsistent regarding the sizes.

Same situation in other regions: Latin America. No matter which country you are in, each store has different sizes; in fact, sometimes two pants of different sizes can fit the same person.

In spite of the fact that a standard was created, which can be useful for online purchases, all efforts have been futile. Another reason why stores don’t apply the standard is because they change their sizes frequently so that their customers won’t feel fat; on the contrary, they will feel they have had the same size for years. This situation has been unsuccessfully reported to health authorities.

Some stories that prove such a difference in sizes can be found online…


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