Clothes sizes: the UK vs. Europe!

Going clothes shopping in London is probably on every girl‘s wish-list, especially those from Europe. But there is one catch: when you arrive to this shopping paradise, you realize that you have no idea how to read UK clothing sizes! Everything seems upside down and a dreamy shopping spree may become a pretty long nightmare. That’s why this article was created – to help you understand this particular measuring system and eventually enjoy your shopping time in the UK!
Just to clarify, ‘European‘ does not include the UK (obviously), Italy and France!

Let’s start with the comparison of womens wear sizes:

Another picture shows us how deal with mens wear sizes in most common clothing:

And here is just an example comparison of childrens clothing sizes in case you would need it:

I really hope this helps you overcome all obstacles in order to have a relaxing and enjoyable shopping trip in any British stores you will go to!


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