Clothing sizes – final results

In September, we published a collection of articles about clothing sizes in different parts of the world. In an attempt to help the globe-trotters, articles came with tables of national sizes compared to US sizes.

It is now time to gather this information in a big, general, comprehensive document: this is the ultimate help for shopping-addicts!  In a PDF file here, you will find the differents sizes for shoes, shirts, pants, etc. for men and women.

The equivalences are approximate, i.e. they are the best we can do when comparing different systems ! For example: measurement units are not used in common (i.e. US sizes: S, M, L, …), some clothes had specific size units (i.e. t-shirts in France are different from shirts…) and some data were purely and simply absent (extreme top and extreme bottom of some tables). The half-sizes were particularly hard to figure out.

Anyway, this is a useful tool if you have absolutely no clue about that lovely dress or these neat boots you just came across in the mall.

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