Code switching – away with the bad stereotypes!

400px-Tías_-_Puerto_-_Calle_Bajamar_03_iesCode switching, or code-switching , may be an unfamiliar term to some of you, but just think of something like Spanglish and I’m sure that you know what I’m talking about.

The most common stereotype regarding code switching is that it is bad. A bad habit so to say. The supporters of this side have the following arguments saying that when people code switch it is:

– a sign of poor vocabulary
– just a cover-up for not knowing the right word in a language
– an act of randomness
– a sign that the person does not know either language well enough

They may be right about some of the above mentioned reasons but it does not necessarily have to have a negative meaning. On the contrary, many of these reasons can also be interpreted positively! So to counter-attack, code switching is:

– an enrichment of a language, when the language you are speaking is lacking that perfect word
– a statement of who you are and then it is a very conscious choice in most cases
– a sign that a person knows more than one language 🙂

And most importantly, it takes some badass language skills to be good at code switching! So if you are a code switcher, be proud!

Now watch this cute video as a re-cap for this theme:

So finally, do you code switch and if so, in what situations? I’m eager to hear your responses!


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