If it’s good coffee, it’s Colombian coffee.

Coffee is obviously one of the most preferred drinks in the world, which due to its good aroma and exquisite flavor is welcome any time. It doesn’t matter the type, if it has milk or cream, what really counts here is the fact that it’s coffee and the good one.

Therefore, if we talk about the good coffee, we must mention undoubtedly the Colombian coffee, world famous because of its excellent quality.

Colombian people drink coffee frequently; however, if you are there, I’d suggest you to use the word “tinto”. Everybody will understand you and give you a small cup of dark coffee.

In Colombia coffee is essential, especially after lunch where you need energy to stay awake the rest of the day. It’s also very common to drink it without sugar and pretty dark. Nonetheless, young people have recently decided to drink it with a small chocolate piece, which according to them, fixes perfectly.

Coffee tradition is so strong in Colombia, that there is a huge park where you can realize about the bean process. “El Parque del Café” (The Coffee Park) is located almost in the middle of the country and it’s one of the most visited touristic places. There you can also enjoy many coffee types as well as desserts made of coffee.

Now you know, if you want a coffee in Colombia, ask for a tinto!

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