Confession… The Danes ARE high on food!

As described in a previous article on Lexiophiles; I am a Dane and I really like (read: am obsessed with) food. In my family we arrange the food with a pair of tweezers, give the courses marks and compete on having the coolest equipment in the kitchen. It is not snobbery, it is pure love. With this kind of background I think I have an excuse for talking and thinking about food around 80 % of the time?

Except for the fact that this food loving might not be very healthy, I am actually quite pleased with having food as my hobby. It has especially made me happy to discover how the interest in food is a way to gather people across nationalities, cultures and ages.
Beside the weather outside of the window I think food is one of the only subjects which almost everybody has an opinion about. Living in a group of people from all over the world, food has got an even more interesting perspective, as we all use it in different ways. For instance we have discussed whether an avocado is better on top of the bread, mixed with garlic for a guacamole, with shrimps or as a dessert with orange and sugar. Is it normal to use apples and bananas on top of your bread – or should you put them in the microwave with cinnamon? Is dark or white bread healthier for your body?

Some of the best moments of my three months in a group of people from Africa, China, Europe and all of America are the moments in the kitchens. And in spite of the fact that I love to eat, the best memories of these nights are not really the dinner, we’ve ended up with. It is the atmosphere and happiness of cooking together. A glass of wine in one hand and a knife in the other – and here we go!

Whether it’s Kenyan chicken, Chinese dumplings, Swedish crepes with Nutella, Brazilian brigadeiro or a nice Italian Spaghetti Carbonara- it is just always great to gather around cooking!

Bon appétit – and feel free to share your food experience with us!


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