Coping with the Post-Christmas Blues

800px-Sad_LucyAre you feeling down after the end of the holidays? Are you sad that those beautiful and heart-warming days with your family and friends are over? Though you may not be aware of it, you are experiencing something quite common: the Post-Christmas Blues. At its core, it can be described as the difficulty to return to one’s usual routine after having spent an exciting and eventful time with loved ones. From the stressful shopping for presents, the brightness spread by the lights and decorations everywhere you went, to the anticipation and joy to finally see long missed loved ones again, the family gatherings, parties and get-togethers – the Christmas holidays are a source of much excitement for most of us. This makes going back to the dull-seeming everyday life all the harder. Anyone who lives far away from his hometown and family may experience these feelings even stronger, along with a sense of sudden loneliness.

But do not fret: there are ways to cope with the Post-Christmas Blues! Let these 3 tips guide you through the dark weeks of January:

1 – Be prepared
As with almost everything, the key to not let yourself get carried away too much by your Post-Christmas Blues is to be prepared for its arrival beforehand. If you know you are prone to feeling a little down after holidays, try drawing on your previous experiences. If you tend to feel overwhelmed in the first weeks after the holidays, take care to fill your schedule only with things that are absolutely necessary. If you are the type who misses the hustle and bustle and tends to feel lonely, plan fun activities with friends on the weekends.

2 – Write down your feelings
It is better to truly acknowledge your negative feelings and find closure than suppressing them and dragging them along in the back of your mind. That said, you can try writing down everything that is pulling you down right now. Maybe you had a wonderful time and are now sad that it’s already over and you won’t see all those beloved people for a long time. Maybe it was horrible and you feel disappointed and resentful about that. No matter what the source of your frustration: Let it all out! This can help you come to terms with it and carry on.
3 – Look forward to the year ahead
In other words: give yourself something to look forward to, a reason to be happy right now. The calendar of the new year has so many blank pages – fill them with plans and ideas! Be it taking up a new hobby, planning a trip, starting to volunteer or refurnishing your house: get busy making plans, dare to make the first steps toward their realization, and you will soon start feeling better. If you are up for it, you can also take the chance of having an entire, fresh year ahead to make a bigger change in your life: for example finding love, choosing a new career path, or moving to another country. Give yourself the opportunity to change what needs to be changed. Go about it with a positive attitude – and don’t forget to wear a smile!


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