Could your name become a popular song?

Do you have a popular name? Does it have a special meaning for your parents? How did they choose your name?
Deciding how a new member of the family will be named is never an easy task for parents; they can spend a lot of time thinking in a “cool” name or simply the right one. A name can be exotic, creative, old fashion, popular or even make any sense for most of the people. Some parents wish their children have such an exclusive name that they decide to create a new one by mixing other names such as Lindalva that was born with the junction of Linda (beautiful) plus Dalva or Marimar that comes from Maria plus mar (sea).

Some names are universal and you will find them in the entire world but with different pronunciation or even spelling. John in English is the same as João in Portuguese or the Italian name Chiara appears as Clara in Portuguese. Good examples of pretty popular names in many countries are the ones found in the Bible: Mateus (Matthew), Marcos (Mark) and Lucas (Luke).

What is a popular name right now may not be successful or known in some years. When I was born we had a boom of Daniellas, Carolinas, Marianas, Lucas, Pedros and Thiagos. More than 20 years later the most popular names registered in Brazil during 2011 were: Júlia, Sophia, Isabella, Maria Eduarda and Manuela for girls and Miguel, Davi, Gabriel Arthur and Lucas for boys.

Your name could also be chosen as a tribute for a famous person or could also be used to create nice music. In Brazil many singers composed songs with woman´s names:

Ana Júlia


Names can be also totally connected with a country or a region in the world. If you like to travel for sure you have already met someone who´s name was so hard to pronounce that suddenly you asked if the person had a nickname. I had a colleague in my German class that was called Balasubrahmanyam, wanna to try to pronounce it?

The most popular names around the world

Below you can check the most popular names in different countries.

Girls: Emma, Chloé, Léa
Boys: Lucas, Mathis, Nathan

Girls: Jázmin, Anna, Hanna
Boys: Bence, Máté, Levente

Girls: Ana, Jéssica, Maria
Boys: José, Fernando, Alejandro

Girls: Anna, Magda, Kasia (Katarzyna)
Boys: Jan, Piotr, Adam

Girls: Keiko, Youko, Yoshiko
Boys: Hiroshi, Takashi, Akira


Girls: Sofia, Venla & Aada
Boys: Elias, Onni & Eetu

So, could your name become a nice song? Use the imagination!


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