Cozy Friday

SE Cozy Friday Cover ENImagine yourself in the following situation: You call up your Swedish friend (because obviously you have one?!?) and ask if they want to join you on this epic pub crawl Friday night. To your big surprise, you get a big fat no in return.

Let’s back up and analyse what just happened here, shall we? You’ve just tried to get in the way of the Swede and his/her beloved fredagsmys, that’s what’s happened! As with other untranslatable concepts, fredagsmys roughly means Cozy Friday in English.

The concept has been in use since the 1990s and the word fredagsmys was added to the dictionary of the Swedish Academy in 2006. This is the ultimate sign to show that it is an official, accepted word. Moreover, there’s even an entry on it in the Urban Dictionary for Christ’s sake!

This holy ritual of stuffing your face in front of the TV is basically carried out throughout the country, every bloody Friday. Slipping into your comfy sweatpants, you load up for an orgy of:

  • your favourite take out, usually pizza
  • crisps, or chips for you Americans
  • copious amounts of bulk confectionery that you have carefully selected in the store
  • soft drinks or alcoholic beverages, depending on your age and preferences

SE cozy friday cover SEThen you simply eat and drink away while watching TV or a film, and eventually you fall asleep right in your spot. Good thing then that you are wearing comfortable clothing!

Finally, this concept has even been featured in a commercial. It’s in Swedish, but I think you’ll get the feel for the whole fredagsmys 🙂

So next Friday, just make yourself comfy and start the weekend off like the Swedes.


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