Crazy Czech Christmas

800px-Happy_new_year_06463Christmas is probably the most charming season of the year which has been celebrated for centuries. During this time, Czechs have been able to keep all kinds of traditions. As I was eagerly explaining some of them to my international friends, I realized how these traditions are actually so odd and even crazy. Here are the best ones I could think of:

1)      Killers of carps

Czechs serve fried carp and potato salad for the Christmas Eve dinner. That does not sound that special. The most interesting part comes when speaking about logistics and overall preparation. As most Czechs want a carp for Christmas, big tubs full of live carps can be found everywhere in the city centre and shopping places, maximum 500 meters from one another. In these fish-smelly places, you can not only buy the desired carp but also pay for killing it for you. When you want to kill it on your own, you take a live carp with you and keep it somewhere before its time comes.

2)      Fish scale

Speaking about fish, we use not only carp meat but also its scales for our good. Every family member gets one fish scale under the plate before the Christmas Eve supper starts, and leaves it there till the end. This scale is supposed to bring wealth and money. For maximizing this effect, people carry it in their wallets afterwards.

3)      Let’s shake a tree

If you are a single lady, this is something for you. Here is a fast guide how to find a husband, proved by Czech tradition. After the Christmas Eve supper, go out at the garden, pick a tree and shake it. Continue shaking until first dog barks. From the direction the dog barked your future husband will come for you!  So don’t sit at home and go meet him halfway.

4)      Golden Piglet

A tradition claims that when you endure not to eat any food on 24th December till dinner, you will see a golden piglet. Encountering of this piglet means abundance and good harvest the whole next year. Nowadays, as no one has to plant crops by himself, this tradition is slowly disappearing. In my experience, this was the biggest challenge of my childhood, in which I never succeeded. 🙂

If you are the same like me and don’t want to wait the whole day starving, look at this favourite Czech commercial and see the golden pig right now! I wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you!


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