Crazy lies that Danes believed when growing up

  1. Santa exists. He lives in Greenland (which is actually a part of Denmark). Mommies don’t lie to their children!
  2. When driving on a vacation, Danes often drive to the south – through Germany. All daddies said that “Ausfahrt” was the biggest city in Germany. This seemed legit, since all the signs on the freeway said “Ausfahrt”. Turns out “Ausfahrt” means “exit”.
  3. The tooth fairy is real. When you lose a tooth, you should put it in a glass of water beside your bed or underneath your pillow. Then the tooth fairy will bring your tooth to Tooth-Fairy-Land and leave you a small reward. In Denmark, this reward was often two or five Danish kroner. Which is approximately 30-70 cents (Euro).
  4. The black/white cows produce milk – true! However, the brown ones produce chocolate milk – lie.
  5. The fear for pigeons has its reason. Pigeons steal people’s hair, and this is why some people are bald.


Ok, so not all children believed this. I did and a lot of my family members and friends did, so I guess we are not in it alone? Which lies did you believe, when you were a child?



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