Cultural taboos in Indonesia – part two

As we previously mentioned in the first Lexio article, it is time to continue our discussion about the issue – cultural taboos in Indonesia.

It will be divided into four sections. So, here it goes…

1. Behaving in public
In Indonesia, it is advisable to avoid spitting and showing the sole of your shoes by crossing your legs to the people around you. Both of the actions mentioned earlier are considered highly offensive. Meanwhile, in some cities like Banda Aceh, where the Sharia law is applied, it is forbidden for ladies to wear revealing clothes and it is required to cover their hair (with head cover or hijab)

2. Conversation topics to avoid
This might be only applicable to the people that we just met or also known as acquaintances. While having conversations, even though most Indonesians tend to be very flexible and laid-back, it is best to avoid personal topics, such as religion, politics, sexual orientations and many more.

3. Dining etiquette
As previously mentioned in the first article, using your left hand to do any sort of things in public is perceived to be very unpleasant in the public eye, this also includes eating with your left hand. Also, it is best to avoid talking with your mouth full and chewing your food properly making unpleasant sounds. However, this issue might be applicable not only in Indonesia, but also in any other countries.

4. Cultural myths – what to believe and what not to believe?

In some cultures in Indonesia, it is believed that unmarried women should not sit in front of a door; it is believed that it might affect the women who somehow ‘broke’ the rule, will be kept away from their soul mates. Also, it is believed that pregnant women should not talk badly about other people; otherwise the baby would look like the person that the pregnant women were bad-mouthing about.

I really hope the articles could bring new knowledge and will be useful for you to know in case you are travelling to Indonesia in the future 😀

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