Known as the spirit of the forest, the Curupira is an old Brazilian myth, responsible for the protection of the forests against those who want to do it harm, like those who hunt for sport and not for survival, and those who come to tear down trees and exploit the forest’s resources.


The Curupira is commonly described as being as tall as a child, with red fiery hair, teeth green like emeralds and ankles turned to the opposite side (which helps him hide his tracks). Some versions of the story describe the Curupira as having a dark skin or being covered with hair.

If this description does not seem very threatening, know Brazilian people of the past took the Curupira threat very seriously! Some of those that entered the forest to hunt or explore, would take offerings such as straw cigarettes and cachaça in order to get on Curupira’s good side, or at least distract him.

In case you decide to visit the Brazilian forests, keep those tips in mind, myth or not, it is best to be prepared!



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