Czech Republic is not just Prague

“Where are you from?” “Czech Republic…” “Oh yeah, Prague! Prague is beautiful! And the Czech beer, you know, hmm…”

This is a typical conversation between a Czech and a foreigner.For tourists, Prague and Czech Republic merge into one reality very often. Foreigners know Hradčany and Charles Bridge, they saw the Old Town Square and Petřín, they sat down over a glass of beer and listened to Dvořák in the Municipal House perhaps. But can you see and experience something more in the Czech Republic?

Not only Prague has a beautiful historical city centre, you can find gorgeous cities in the entire country. Have a look also at the Moravia – at Olomouc! The sixth biggest city has a historical city centre where student life pulsates in the day and in the night. Or go to Kutná Hora – the gothic St. Barbara Church competes in the largeness with the St. Vitus Cathedral in the Prague Castle. Would you like to see something modern? Visit Brno! The second biggest Czech city is finishing the reconstruction of the functionalism villa Tugendhat. The villa even became the main character of the novel “The Glass Room” by the British novelist Simon Mawer.

Also in towns you can find architectonic goodies: Church St. John from Nepomuk rises over the town Žďár nad Sázavou. The church was ahead of its times thanks to uncommon geometrical exterior and sophisticated work with light in the interior. The palace Hluboká seems to be a whipped cream desert – compared to this church 🙂 In the villages there are picturesque squares. The example can be Telč. The whole square is surrounded by colourful houses and the whole centre is encircled by a river.

Enough about the architecture, let´s change the topic. Czech Republic has 4 national parks and a lot of landscape parks, where you can walk hours and hours just with a small bag on your back and relish the nature. Picked at random: Czech paradise and Czech Switzerland.

Beer is definitely the most famous Czech drink, but have you ever been in the south Moravia? It is different there. Wine from small vineyards ages in countless wine cellars and there are guests from the whole republic during the wine festival.

Have you ever been to Czech Republic? Did you visit other places than Prague? How did you like it and what did you experience? I´m looking forward your comments below the article!


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