Czech world brands

In the first Czech article you could read about the Czech language and its curiosities.

Perhaps it occurred to you that you would be glad to come to know some native speakers of this nice and difficult language or you would like to know what Czechs can do well. Don’t worry; there will be no article about hockey 😉 I want to introduce to you some world-wide known Czech companies and personalities.

It is possible that right now you are wearing shoes with the label Bata. Baťa company was founded by the Baťa siblings in 1894 in the Czech city Zlín. Tomáš Baťa (since 1908 the only company director) was very innovative and modern – his stores were designed by contemporary architects, salaries of his employees were above the average and he also offered flats to them, the so called Baťa houses (At that time really good habitations). Furthermore, He took care of the public facilities in the Bata quarter (schools, nurseries etc.).

Another successful company whose products you can see all over the world is Škoda. The company was founded in the Czech city Plzeň and nowadays is producing not just cars, but also other means of transport. The trademark is the winged arrow in a circle, which symbolizes speed, progress and freedom. The Škoda cars, called Škodovky, are very popular in the Czechia.

In 1957 the first episode of an animated fairytale about the small mole saw the light of day. Since that time, The Mole became a darling of children generations. The stories of The Mole and his friends were also published as books and a lot of toys were based on the adventures of The Mole and his friends. The creator of the character is Zdeněk Miler. Take a look at the very first mole story: “How The Mole gained the trousers” („Jak krtek ke kalhotkám přišel“). I think you will have no problem with understanding, even if you are not experienced in Czech.

In the list of eminent Czechs I shouldn’t forget Otto Wichterle. Thanks to him I can write this article without strong glasses even though I have bad eyes. Otto Wichterle was a Czech chemist, best known for his invention of modern soft contact lenses.

In the end I would like to mention something less scientific – Ms. Eva Herzigová. She has been one of the world’s top fashion models for more than 20 years. She was also playing in some movies, i.e. Modigliani.

Well, what should the next article be about? I´m sure, I´d find some more Czech personalities. However, l suggest for example Czech traditional dishes 😉


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