Danish Beer – more than Tuborg and Carlsberg


If you think about Danish beer, the first brands that come to your mind will probably be Tuborg and Carlsberg. Both are known beyond the Danish borders and Carlsberg is sold all over the world. Nevertheless, the Danish beer culture has more to offer than these two watery tasting beers.

Just like in many other countries, a craft beer (or microbrewery) movement has emerged in Denmark. The brewers offer high quality beer, in contrast to the industrial breweries that are focusing on large quantities, rather than on quality.

Because of the emergence of the craft beer movement, microbreweries can be found almost everywhere in Denmark. Regardless of whether you are on the island Fanø or doing sightseeing in Copenhagen, the next microbrewery is not far away from you. The number of Danish microbreweries is around 200.

The first Danish craft beer that I tried was the pilsner “Fanø Rav”. Even though craft beer was something entirely new for me, I immediately liked this beer, due to its fresh and aromatic taste, which distinguishes it from industrial pilsner. From that time on, I have been buying craft beers every once in a while. In addition to that, I have also tried other types of beer, such as pale ale and stout.

The large breweries have not ignored this trend – quite the contrary: they are also offering their own craft beers, in order to satisfy customers with aspiration for high quality products. Jacobsen, a brand owned by Carlsberg, is for example offering speciality beer for quality-conscious customers.

Therefore, the positive impact of the craft beer scene is that even large breweries are starting to produce better beer. Better beer in terms of taste, so it actually tastes like something and not like water.

I suggest that you should visit the nearest microbrewery the next time you are on holiday in Denmark. You will definitely appreciate the taste of such beer and the brewers are always delighted to tell you about their brewery and the product range. One thing is sure: you will recognise the difference between craft beer and industrially brewed beer.

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