Danish Design – timeless design

One thing that Denmark is known for is design. Design that is timeless, simple and minimalistic. We have quite a few big names who have designed furniture, jewellery, buildings and electronics that have succeeded in international desirability and acknowledgement.

Arne Jacobsen was a famous Danish furniture designer. He designed the “egg chair” in 1958. The chair was originally only designed for the Radisson Hotel in Copenhagen, but the design quickly became extremely popular and can now be found in many Danish homes. Arne Jacobsen is also known for his “swan chair”.

Georg Jensen was a Danish jewellery designer. In Denmark he is especially known for the “Daisy” jewellery collection which had its uprising in 1940. It is named after the Danish queen and her mother. The queen is often seen wearing a broche from the collection, which was one of the first and an heirloom from her mother, Queen Ingrid. Today, the collection is still going strong and is worn by women of all ages.

Bang & Olufsen is a Danish electronics company established in 1925 by Peter Bang and Svend Olufsen. They design and manufacture televisions, audio products and telephones. Their first product was a radio, and sound is also one of the company’s biggest focus areas. Bang & Olufsen is very famous for their design which is very unique and characteristic. You can always distinguish a B&O product from other electronics products. It stands out.

Poul Henningsen was a Danish lamp designer. In 1926, he designed the “HP-lamps”. The HP-lamps were very different from any other lamps designed at that time. The lamps all have several shades, often 3 to 8, made from metal or white glass. Poul Henningsen’s aim was to make lamps that reflected the light in the most flattering way as possible.

Jørn Utzon was a Danish architect. He has designed a lot of buildings in Denmark, but what he is most famous for is the Sydney opera House. The Sydney Opera House is what made him world-known, and the opera house is also one of the most known buildings in the world.

These Danish designs can be found in the homes of the older generation as well as the younger generation. It is timeless design which is often passed on through generations. Many Danes are willing to pay a large amount for the designs as they still have a high level of desirability.

Do you have any famous designers in your country that have succeeded in international acknowledgement and desirability?


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