Danish is a piece of cake!

Did you ever consider learning some Danish? You should, it’s a very nice language. There are some difficulties though – but they should not be too bad compared with other languages. Read and judge it yourself:
A difficulty in the Danish language is the silent letters, which are used in the spelling but not in the pronunciation. But since these are a phenomenon in most languages, I wouldn’t consider them a distinctive difficulty for Danish. Think of ‘h’ in hour and ‘k’ in knock, it’s not that difficult.

The pronunciation itself might be more complicated, since the written and the spoken Danish don’t get along that well with each other. An example: Danish ‘me’ is ‘mig’ and it is pronounced ‘my’.
What you maybe already know is the 3 special characters æ, ø and å, which often cause troubles since their pronunciation is different.
On the grammatical side the irregular verbs might be the main challenge. There are a lot of them (http://fjern-uv.dk/urver.php) and there is no logic explanation for their conjugations. But no worries – even the Danes have problems how to use them correctly.

And now to the easy and user-friendly! Many languages have genders for the substantives, but in Danish there are just two varieties of articles: ‘en’ or ‘et’. Just a shame, that there are no rules to help you choosing among them. But don’t let them frighten you; nobody would misunderstand you because of wrong use of ‘en’ and ‘et’ 🙂
A very great advantage is the fact that the verbs are never conjugated for the person as in English, French, German etc. Hurra! The verb is exactly the same for I, you, it, he, she, we and they – that’s so convenient!

So, enjoy a piece of Danish pastry while you’re discovering the language!
If you already learned or are learning Danish please post a comment and share your experience 🙂


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