Defender of the Fatherland Day

file000963664970Men, did you get tired of your wife’s bothersome reproaches, eternal disputes with your girlfriend or your mom’s excessive control? Well, this is the day for you! The only day in the year when you are allowed to do whatever you want! You can be sure that nobody and nothing will stop you because February 23rd is your day – it is the Men’s day!

And now a little bit of history. February 23rd, known as Defender of the Fatherland Day, is the day that is marked in red in all Russian, Ukrainian, Belarus and other countries of the former USSR calendars. The celebration of this day has come to us from the distant 1918. Little is known about why exactly this date was chosen. Initially, this day was introduced as an anniversary of the Red Army, but in 1922 government issued a decree of dedication to all fighters and soldiers who were defending their Motherland, on 23 of February. This date was made for expressing respect and gratitude to all those who care about their country, believe in their country and are always ready to defend and fight for her freedom.

Nowadays, this important date for the former USSR has already turned into an unofficial “day of all men.” No matter if men served in the Army or not, regardless if they are 6 or 60 years old – all of them are a strong and courageous half of our whole nation, who are always there to take care, support and defend us in appropriate moments. They deserve respect! That is why during this day men are dedicated to accept gifts and greetings from the female part of the population. There is also a tradition that on this day men are allowed to do everything they want and women have no right to stop them. But be cautious, dear men! Do not overdo it! Remember that 8 of March, the women’s day is coming, thus we will have a chance for revenge! 🙂


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