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Last week, I was chatting with a friend about what makes a site “a keeper”: what makes your visitor come back/stay longer/bookmark it/blog about it/refer to it? I think, your website should offer few-but-good outside resources beside your own content.

What soooo makes me hate some websites:

– The content is hidden beneath tons of ads or boring pop-ups
– The layout makes no sense whatsoever (aggravating circumstances: the layout changes on every new page >:-[ )
– I want links! Internet is a network, right? I want links to the primary source, to other similar information or explanations (deadly sin: using abstruse terms without explaining them)
– “Voodoo websites”: they take the control of your navigation. I am taken onto unknown pages via unclear links, automatic redirections and other masked advertisings (beware the tinyURLs…).

Especially for sites written in languages I don’t master completely (English…), any help is greatly appreciated. What should I do when I meet a new word? A couple of solutions are available:

– A plug-in for Firefox or a program on the computer… Quite annoying, to be honest. What happens when I access the site from another computer?
– A contextual menu on the site itself (Littré on Reverso and Merriam-Webster do it in FR and EN, respectively). Do you know any newspaper offering that, hmm?
– A tool giving me the translation of a word without taking me off the page I am reading. That’s what I would recommend; bab.la picked this option in developing a language tool.


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I went through a few sites offering the last solution: the international public (expats, students, pen friends) loves the widget! (you can drag a word in the box for more convenience)

Penpal-gate is a website reuniting pen friends from all around the world (9 000 members at the moment). The users can use the widget when writing to their foreign friends.

The University of Medellín saved its money: instead of translating the whole website, they offer a translation box for foreign visitors.

Xpats.com presents daily news about Belgium and Brussels. The widget completes the site (which is only in English). The articles focus on expats and international audience in Brussels.

The bab.la translation widget can be found on the Tools & plug-ins page. It’s free and gives access to all 18 dictionaries and is available in each of the 12 languages bab.la offer. Adding the widget is also very simple. Takes no longer than, and is just as easy as, embedding a YouTube video!

Good to know:

Language quizzes can also be embedded
Netvibes / Pageflakes / iGoogle have their own widgets
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