Did you ever step in the spinach? Danish food idioms

In Denmark, we have awfully many food idioms, which we use to express something that has nothing to do with food whatsoever. If you ever stepped in the spinach, it means you screwed up, and have put your foot in it. Some expressions make more sense than others do. Obviously a lot of us already know many idioms, but do you ever use them yourself when speaking to someone? How do you feel about the following ones?

  1. To be a tough banana (at være en hård banan) – A banana is not that tough, right?
  2. To turn into a cucumber or to go bananas (at gå agurk eller at gå bananas) – cucumber and banana are not that terrifying.
  3. To look like mashed apples (at ligne udskidt æblegrød) – actually I think it looks delicious, don’t you?

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I also wonder, who came up with this and how it got commonly known, that looking like mashed apples is a bad thing. Do you know any good food idioms, that you either love or don’t like?

Why does food always need to be a part of everything we say? I guess, in Denmark at least, food is just such a big part of people’s personality and their way of thinking.



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