Do you know these popular Chinese internet words?

With the development of online chatting, there are also some new development  of Chinese. Here are some popular Chinese Internet words that you must know when you are learning Chinese.

  1. 萌méng

The word “méng” comes from Japanese animation, and is used to say something is very cute. Màiméng (literally, to sell meng), means someone is pretending to be cute.

  1. 囧jiǒng

This is an ancient Chinese character meaning light or window that Chinese net users have repurposed as an emoticon. It symbolizes a person with an open mouth, used to express shock, dismay, or awkwardness, or anything else the character conjures in your mind.

  1. 屌丝diǎosī

Originally used to refer to male pubic hair, this term came from Baidu’s reddit-like forums, where football fans used it to refer to themselves in a deprecatory way. Now it means a loser, deadbeat, someone who has no chance of ever getting a house, a car, or a girlfriend.

  1. 躺枪tǎngqiāng

This means even though you’re lying down you end up getting shot. When an innocent bystander manages to get hurt, they can use it to laugh at themselves.

  1. 么么哒memedā

Memedā is a kissing sound used by couples on all kinds of messaging services to express their affection for each other. If you say it to someone and they say it back, it means your affections are reciprocated.



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