Do you want to be forever young? – Welcome to Neverland!

Who wouldn´t like to be forever young and enjoy life without responsibilities? Well, nowadays Peter Pan doesn’t seem to be the only exception of not growing up. Let me introduce to you the Generation Y! Who are these young adults and why do they refuse to grow up?

The Generation Y or the Peter Pan Generation is a sizable group of 25-40 years old young adults who are mostly the children of the Generation X (Baby Boomers). The Peter Pan generation got its name after the famous character from the novel of J. M. Barrie due to Peter Pan’s mentality that describes this generation perfectly. Never growing up!

The members of the Peter Pan Generation are not able or don’t want to face any responsibility such as housing, jobs, marriage and children. Many of them still live with the parents or depend on them financially, since they spin out their studies with years. The parents don’t expect their children to leave the family nest so early since their parenting style has changed too; they are more child-centred and focused on the emotional adjustment of the child. Because of this, in many cases the parents can also be held responsible for the delayed start of adulthood.

The people with Peter Pan Syndrome (yes, it exists!) don’t like seeing themselves as adults because they don’t see anything good in being one. They are heavily influenced by the development of the communications, media and digital technologies. For example playing computer games or watching cartoons are also ways of escaping from the adulthood. They would like to have a balanced work-life ratio, they tend to spend their time for social networking, friends, hobbies, career is less important.

There are some expressions which became pretty popular lately and are connected to the Peter Pan Generation. There are for example the “TWITs”( Teenage Women in Their Thirties) who are the women in their 30s and have extended their adolescence. Or there are the “Boomerang kids” that refers to the young adults moving back to their parents or the “Hotel Mama” which describes the phenomenon of still living with their parents because it is not easy to tear away from the ‘Mama’.

Even though it seems like a new kind of generation disease, there is no need for panic, there is not a moral crisis (yet). This generation is not lost, irresponsible or lazy. And they are not caught up in a fairy tale. We are living in an ever-changing world, everything is changing and so do the generations…

But what is your opinion about the Peter Pan Generation? Are you one of them?


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