Do you want to have a coffee with me?

For most of us coffee represents a means to stay awake, a moment of pleasure shared with friends, a vice, a ritual or an excuse to meet new people. We often decide to go out “for coffee” or desperately look forward to the next “coffee” break.

It seems that nine out of ten people drink at least once a day one of the following types of coffee: instant, natural, “3 in 1” or cappuccino, and that one in three Romanians always carries with him a sachet of soluble coffee.

In the Romanian market, coffee covers three segments: roasted, soluble and various specialties. Even now, more than 50% of Romanians prefer to have their coffee in a traditional way, the so-called Turkish coffee, brewed in a pot. Nevertheless, most people nowadays tend to opt for the easiest way to prepare coffee, choosing mostly the “3 in 1” types of coffee. In this way, they have everything they need to make a delicious coffee in one sachet: coffee, sugar, milk.
In comparison to other European states, Romanians don’t tend to drink a lot of coffee: about 2.3 kg pro capita. To put things in perspective, according to the International Coffee Organization the Finnish drink 11.94 kg of coffee pro capita, whereas Austrians and Germans about 7.6 kg, respectively, 7.4 kg pro capita. Even our neighbours drink more coffee than we do: Hungarians 3,32 kg pro capita and Bulgaria and Serbia about 3 kg.

Highly educated people prefer instant coffee, while students and young people opt for the ‚3 in 1’ varieties. Women remain the biggest fans of coffee drinks like cappuccino, caffe latte or latte macchiato.

Not that long ago, during the 1930s, Romanians used to have their morning coffee at their favourite coffeehouse while reading the local or national newspaper. It seems that this habit has caught up in recent years, judging by the increasing number of coffeehouses opening up all across the country. Amongst these can also be seen big chains, such as Starbucks, present in a number of important cities in Romania.

Below you will find the ads for two of the most popular coffee brands in Romania.

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  2. I never thought I’d become a coffee drinker. But one day I decided to make some hot chocolate with coffee instead of hot water. It was delicious, and I loved the buzz. Now I always drink my coffee with some cocoa powder added…or liquid hot chocolate if that’s all that’s available.

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