Don’t ax me!

Here I will be taking a rather substantial hurdle to distance myself from my otherwise lenient view on colloquial grammar. Tolerance only goes so far…

Unless you are being chased by an axe-murderer or were born in the Anglo-Saxon area before 1535 the only words ever coming out of your mouth should be, “don’t ask me”.

There are no reasons, with no exceptions, to use the expression ax. The only thing it does is make you sound uneducated, illiterate and, quite frankly, stupid. This is the point where I would turn the other table and say talk and let speak, but not this time. If one happens to be uneducated, and not proud of it (allegedly some people claim to be), then it would make sense to try and improve oneself where one could. What could possibly be easier than learning one, ONE, word?

I won’t even get started on people in the world of academia, business or politics who use ax instead of ask. The whole you-should-know-better speech just seems to fall eight light-years short of adequate. My mind is boggled even thinking about trying to comprehend the reasoning that type of individual must apply.

In short, I’ll be happy to answer your questions if you ask me, just don’t ax me.

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