Dreaming with romantic movies: to each his own!

It’s Valentine’s day and you are single? The wisest thing to do is try not to get depressed thinking about all the happy couples that tonight are going to celebrate in a restaurant, maybe by candlelight. Friends (especially single ones) are always a good alternative, as well as the “wild party” option: go clubbing until late and have a cocktail or two to pretend that love does not exist.

Otherwise, we can confess ourselves we just can’t wait to meet our soul mate and watch a movie to dream a bit. Here we suggest ten classics, but the list could be much longer. Which is your favorite one?

For sophisticated people: Sabrina (1954). An unforgettable Audrey Hepburn plays Sabrina Fairchild, daughter of the rich Larrabee family’s chauffeur. As she grows up from young girl to a fascinating and charismatic woman, she manages to catch the attention of David, Larrabee’s youngest son, who she has secretly loved since childhood. But then she finds out that she is in love with the older brother Linus. How not to be torn between William Holden and Humphrey Bogart…

If you believe in the afterworld: Ghost (1990). Sam’s ghost desperately wants to get in touch with his wife Molly to tell her that he was murdered on purpose and that she is in danger too. He will be helped by Whoopi Goldberg in the shoes of a crazy medium. Will Sam be able to kiss Molly for the last time? The vase scene is just historic, we all dreamed about it at least once!

For indecisive people: Pearl Harbor (2001). Total comprehension for the poor protagonist: first she conquers a sturdy Ben Affleck, then, when he is supposed to be dead, she falls in Josh Hartnett’s arms. But Ben Affleck will survive and be back and the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor will play its part… Perfect movie for people who are always torn between two suitors: remember that life is not a movie, though!

English humor: Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994). Love does not forgive anybody: even Charles, the most hardened single, will give in to mysterious Carrie. They repeatedly meet at weddings (and a funeral) of Charles’ friends, but in the end they won’t marry: their choice will be the one of a “non-marriage” for the rest of their life. For modern couples.

For who never needs to ask: Gone with the wind (1939). A legend more than a movie. “Tomorrow is another day”, how many times we told this to ourselves, thinking of Scarlett O’Hara while she pulls out a root from the ground and watches the horizon. Passion, hate, war, reconstruction: there are all the ingredients of an epic classic, with some scenes which are a piece of history. Bear in mind the final: please imitate Clark Gable with the next guy/girl who is going to disappoint us.

For dreamers: Moulin Rouge! (2001). Truly romantic. Penniless bohemian poet Christian falls in love with courtesan Satine, who has been promised by her pimp to the Duke of Monroth. Love, money and death mix together in a musical with tragic end. Awesome soundtrack – just a few examples: the covers of “Your song” and “Roxanne”.

For who “wants the fairy tale”: Pretty woman (1990). Never give up the dream of changing your destiny: a tenderhearted millionaire could be waiting for you in his luxury car. This is the typical movie you watch once a year, knowing all the speeches by heart, sighing when Vivian cries at the Opera and crying when she tells Edward: “I want the fairy tale”.

For tragedy lovers: Titanic (1997). A great love beyond social conventions on the disaster ship. When the captain takes a glimpse at the iceberg for the first time, we have already understood everything, but nonetheless we stay there to follow every minute of the tragedy, both loving and historical one.

For dance lovers: Dirty Dancing (1987). Which girl would not like to slip into the shoes of Baby at least once in a lifetime? Especially when gorgeous Patrick Swayze gets close to her father and breaks out imperatively: “Nobody puts Baby in a corner!”.

The Classic, par excellence: Casablanca (1942). The airport scene is history itself and one of the best finals ever. Which man, nowadays, would sacrifice himself in that way, especially in front of Ingrid Bergman? And how many of you dream about getting into a club and asking the pianist: “Play it, Sam, for old times’ sake”?


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