Dress up the new changing-the-world lifestyle

Have you ever told yourself “This is such a mad world”? In my own experience I’ve told that to myself more times than I would like to. Concerning the world, we often complain about it, grumble about this and that, share particular news whenever we can, just to point out this fact – we don’t like the way the world works. What can we do then? Now, just stop for a while and imagine yourself as 11-year-old boy or girl and watch to this scene of the movie ‘Pay it forward’ and ask yourself a question: what would I like to have done when I grow up (again)?

If there is a problem, there must be a solution. If we don’t like the current world order, let’s change that. Someone may argue that the world is such a large and complex place that it is highly unlikely to modify it on our own. That’s why we have to stop first to ask ourselves what the word ‘world’ means to us. I guess beautiful meadows, mighty mountains or life-giving rivers in this world don’t bother us. The harsh truth is that this ugly and unfair world stands for just and only people and items people have constructed. The question is not how we can change the world, but how we can change ourselves.

The boy in the movie came up with an idea. The idea was the following – a person helps other three people in something they cannot do on their own, something big. Everyone from these three people would help other three people, that means nine in total (view the scheme). In this way, these chains would continue and multiply as long as all people in the world would be connected.

The thing is that our lives are mixtures of minor events, small talks, tiny steps and short-term actions. Sometimes finding a space and time for more significant things would take more time than the particular event. That’s why the most crucial is to put this idea into action even in the smallest mosaic pieces of our lives. To dress up this thought and wear it daily. I would label it as a lifestyle, the changing-the-world one. Not to stop after helping just three people, but continue without counting. Are you in? I am! Let’s change the world together TODAY!


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