Dutch pop music – Part 2

If you have been invited to a typical Dutch student party, don´t be surprised if the DJ loves to play Dutch music. Especially students like to sing Dutch songs aloud, after having drunk a few beers… In order to join them: Here are some classics of Dutch pop music that you just need to know. Some of the songs have the lyrics included, so you can practice your Dutch singing skills. If you like these songs, you may also be interested in Dutch pop music – Part 1

15 miljoen mensen
The song ´15 miljoen mensen´ (15 million people) was produced by the Dutch music producers Fluitsma en Van Tijn and was originally made for a commercial of a large Dutch bank. Thanks to the commercial the song became a huge hit in the mid 90ties. The commercial is a music video and it shows typical Dutch people and typical Dutch things like ice skating, cycling and orange coloured football fans. The title of the song refers to the 15 million people living in the Netherlands in 1996. Meanwhile the population has grown to 16,5 million Dutch men and women.

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Aan de Kust
The song ´Aan de kust´ (At the coast) is written and performed by the Dutch band Bløf. The band comes from Zeeland, a province in the southwest of the Netherlands. This province is famous for its endless beaches along the North Sea coastline, the dunes and the wide landscape. This song is about the life and landscape of Zeeland and became therefore the unofficial anthem of Zeeland.

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Zij gelooft in mij
´Zij gelooft in mij´ (She believes in me) is a sentimental song by the most famous Dutch folk singer André Hazes. He died in 2004 after a short and rather wild life. Many of his songs are classics now and they are mostly played around football matches.

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