Dutch Winter Food

The most traditional Dutch dishes are eaten during the winter. When it is cold outside and all the lakes and canals are frozen, the Dutch love to eat a warm winter dish, especially after an afternoon of ice skating. Vegetable mashes are the most popular dishes and are made with potatoes and any kind of vegetables. You will find the most popular dishes mentioned below.

Erwtensoep (pea soup) is a soup made from green peas and filled with celery, and bits of potato and sausage. The soup is very thick and after just one bowl you are most likely full. You can buy this soup in cans and just heat it or make it yourself. Most people eat this soup after ice skating or other outdoor sporting activities.

Boerenkool met worst
Boerenkool met worst is a vegetable mash of kale, potatoes and smoked sausage served with gravy. The potatoes and kale are chopped in small pieces and cooked together. The sausage is mostly bought pre-smoked and you just have to heat it. Mix the vegetable mash with slices of sausage and serve the dish with gravy. It is quite a heavy meal, but very tasteful. This commercial from the 80ties perfectly shows the ingredients for this dish and how it should be served.

Hutspot is also a vegetable mash with potatoes, carrots and unions. You eat it with beef and gravy. This dish is typical for the Dutch city Leiden. Every year on the Third of October the city celebrates Leidens Ontzet (the victory of Leiden over the Spanish in 1574) and during this annual celebration the people eat “hutspot”. But you can eat it every other day of the year as well :-)!

Hete bliksem
Hete bliksem (literally: hot lightening) is a mash of potatoes and sweet and sour apples. The potatoes and apples are boiled together and then mashed. This mash is generally served with baked onions and bacon. The name “hot lightening” comes from the fact that the hot potato-apple mash can be quite sticky on your palate. Feeling curious about how to make this dish? Just watch this video.

If you would like to know more about typical Dutch winter traditions, take this test!


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