Whether you call Easter Ostern, Pâques, Wielkanoc, Pasquetta or Пасха, most people these days associate Easter with chocolate eggs, the Easter bunny and a 4 day weekend. But let’s not forget it is a religious holiday, celebrating Jesus’ resurrection from the dead. In short, it is a time for celebration – to celebrate new life and new beginnings and that is where the chocolate eggs come in. Eggs, are of course, representative of new life as are fluffy bunnies (and the Easter bunny, of course) and lambs.

Easter is celebrated throughout the world, and in some countries is a very big cause for celebration. In Italy and Brazil, for example, processions are held in towns and cities to celebrate the resurrection of Christ. In Romania there are festivities for the whole of Holy Week. The French not only eat chocolate eggs, but also chocolate bells, as there is an Easter legend regarding church bells going to Rome. Children (and some creative adults) paint eggs across the world and in Poland they then fight each other with them and then douse each other in water the next day! Food, (not just chocolate!) of course, features heavily in the celebrations – fish in Italy and lamb in various forms in many countries as well as special Easter breads and cakes.

Find out more about Easter traditions as well as more secular holidays throughout the world with these Easter articles from our international writers – Happy Easter!

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