Easter – Tradition or consumer business?

Do you really know where Easter comes from or why we celebrate it?

Originally it was the day when Jesus resurrected, three days after his crucifixion. This special Sunday is one of or the most important feast for the Christian world and also for other religions.

The Easter Day is preceded by a period of forty days where people do fasting and penance, and pray. The last week before Easter is called the Holy week and Friday is the most important day, a symbol of the day when Jesus was crucified.

The Easter Day ritual might be different according to the religion you belong to, for example the Christian one is different from the Jewish one and so on.
In the Christian world Easter Mass is celebrated on Sunday morning and after that usually people have a traditional lunch with lamb. But also you can cook some alternative food for this feast.

On the other hand there are also symbols of Easter, in Italy i.e. typically the white dove and the olive tree, and in general for all the western world Easter eggs both made of chocolate and the chicken ones decorated with paint. Moreover it is common to receive as a gift the Easter bunny too, or greeting cards.

Besides, there are Easter games, such as egg rolling, egg tapping, Pace Egging. Therefore it is not only a religious feast but also an occasion to have fun with your family and friends, and buy gifts.

How much Easter is about religious traditions and how much regards buying presents?

In history I would say definitely the first aspect was all of it. Nowadays the second is also relevant, we can say it is commercially important for the business of Easter eggs, cards, bunnies and candies.

And what about decorations? Do you have any special ones in your country/area? Are you living this Easter with a religious mind? Or are you just waiting for Easter eggs? 🙂


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