Empresses in the Palace – Uncover the Veil of Imperial Life in Qing Dynasty

Empresses in the Palace , also known as The Legend of Zhen Huan (simplified Chinese: 后宫甄嬛传), is a Chinese television series based on the Internet novel of the same name.

The series mainly talks about Zhen Huan’s whole life in the Forbidden City. She became Emperor’s concubine at the age of 17 and soon earned his love, but within these walls lied a dangerous web of treachery, conspiracy and manipulation. She experienced miscarriage and heart broken. Having lost all hope in love, she decided to leave the Palace for the life of a nun. Though she gained her true love, Yunli-Emperor’s brother, in the nunnery, she didn’t manage to flee with him. Instead, due to all kinds of reasons, she returned to the Palace. To better survive there, she avenged other concubines who framed her. At last, her son became the new Emperor and she was the Empress Dowager.

The drama has been praised for being one of the best historical dramas broadcast in Chinese mainland in recent years. Though it may not be truly based on the history, audiences can also learn much about ancient Chinese poetry, fashions, court etiquette, and herbal medicine. The show also features sophisticated dialogue that has sparked trending quotes among its followers on the Internet.

After being broadcasted in Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan, the series are spread to the United States. The actress of Zhen Huan, called Sun Li was also nominated as Best Actress in International Emmy Award. Now let’s watch the trailer of the American version Empresses in the Palace.




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