Enjoy Hamburg for free

In Hamburg there are a lot of well-known tourist attractions that are pretty and also a bit expensive. However, there are also some places where you can absorb the Hamburg atmosphere even though you are as poor as a church mouse. Let’s go for a low-cost tour of Hamburg!

Next to the U-Bahn station Baumwall find the street Deichstraße – gorgeous old half-timbered houses, which is a rarity in Hamburg due to the WW2. Notice the years on their gables and then slip into the gap between the houses to the Fleet. You will see the street from the perspective of an old seaman.

Cross the bridge and arrive to the Speicherstadt – former storehouses for all goods shipped into Hamburg from far countries. Nowadays there are a lot of museums, shops with Persian carpets and sweet-smelling cafés and tearooms – one of them was recently opened in the water castle Wasserschloß.

HafenCity, the most modern part of Hamburg begins just a few steps further and is still under construction. It is a complex of contemporary residential and office buildings that must please the eyes of every modern person. We could very well start in the Unilever house that looks like a huge pillow (enter the ground floor for free) and continue along the Marco Polo Terraces to the partially built Elbphilharmonie that resembles rough sea to me.

About midday turn your direction to the city centre. Walk around the town hall and enter the Handelskammer. For no entrance fee you can see three awesome halls with arcades and at 12:30 listen to a midday concert. The so called Lunchkonzerte are held every month and have a long tradition – at the end of March there will be the 302nd concert. Are you going with me? 😉

Do you know other places where you can enjoy Hamburg for free? Write a comment!


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