Essential French Slang


Are you planning a holiday on the French Riviera for the summer? Is your next business trip going to take you to Paris? Did you just receive an Erasmus scholarship to go and spend a year studying in Bordeaux?

No matter why you’re going to France, you will have to use your language skills. You will have to draw your knowledge of French from your memory and reactivate it, which also means you will have to know your French slang!

Indeed, even if French slang remains in the standard linguistic register, it has left the suburbs to spread out into the whole country.

Here is a small survivor guide for French contemporary slang including a dozen terms that you must know when traveling to France:

bouffe (nourriture)
thune (argent)
flic (policier)
kiffer (aimer)
clope (cigarette)
bide (ventre)
boulot (travail)
fringue (vêtement)
boîte (entreprise)
baraque (maison)

Don’t hesitate to complete the list by adding French slang words that you might find relevant or useful!

p.s. You want to learn more about French slang? Take this quiz

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