Europe meets Asia: 5 major cultural differences between countries in Europe and Asia!

As everyone knows, European and Asian countries are relatively different. Differences are visible in appearance, figures, or in the way things work on both continents. We may ask you not to take this article too seriously because it is written from one person’s perspective, but instead, please laugh at the stereotypes about both cultures! Here are your check-up points when you are about to visit Europe or Asia!


European: European speakers usually present their opinions in a straight and candid way. They want to make sure that their points are being delivered but of course, being impolite is not their intention.
Asian: Asians love discussing, they can literally talk about a topic for hours and still wonder what the conclusions are. They usually go passive-aggressive to avoid crashes that may occur.


TH EurAsia intext1

European: Individualism is essential. They motivate themselves rather than by the approval or the respect of others. Did you know that the most individualistic people are the Scandinavians?
Asian: People tend to be more collective and caring. Success and failure are shared because it shows that you’re a part of the community.

Work Networking

European: People tend to be more interested in building connections to get ahead and be successful.
Asian: Relationship management is the crucial part in one’s employment society. It’s who you know that gets you there, and what you know that keeps you stable in that position.


TH EurAsia intext2

In Europe: In the European world, breakfasts are smaller and colder. Eating yogurt with fruits in the morning is considered light and healthy!
In Asia: From Asians’ point of views, food is abundant with nutrients and hardly ever served cold. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it energizes you after a long sleep and food plays an important role in Asia society as it brings intimacy into the group.


TH Eurasia intext3

European: The Europeans’ mentality is based on time management. Everyone’s time is precious so it’s very important to respect each others’ time by being on time for an appointment.
Asian: Asians focus more on the culture and intimacy, so time is not their top priority to take into consideration.

Of course, there is some truth in these statements, but living in a modern world makes people grow more similar. But the most important thing about culture is that: it’s not good or bad, it’s just different. Both ways can lead to an effective result in the end.


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